Standing on Cork Floors

Cork Floors

A true Kiwi flooring favourite

A long time Kiwi favourite, natural cork floors have some excellent properties that make it a great choice for your home. The soft cushioned surface makes for a forgiving surface that is gentle on your feet. This makes cork popular in areas where you would typically stand for long periods of time, such as the kitchen.

Being a cushioned surface means that the material is also perfect for those a little ‘unsteady’ on their feet. It’s an ideal flooring solution for children’s rooms or older residents. Being a natural insulator has positive energy efficiency implications for your home. What’s more, cork is harvested from a renewable source.

Being a softer material can make cork more susceptible to wear and damage, and our Exposed Flooring team can advise on a range of finishes to help minimise such issues. You can depend on our expertise and experience to ensure the right flooring choice for your space.

“This new water-based low sheen brings out the natural grain and the floors look like new. I honestly hadn’t seen the grain so clearly before.”

“Dave from Exposed Flooring had made our old timber Floors look as new. Prompt delivery of service at the agreed time. Thanks Dave.”

Beautiful natural cork for your home.

Cork is one of the warmest, most comfortable and quietest floor materials on the market. Whether you are replacing an existing floor or choosing the perfect floor for your new building or renovation project, we’ll ensure that your cork floors look and feel amazing. Our services include:

  • Installation of cork tiles
  • Sanding and urethaning new cork tiles
  • Removal of old urethanes and recoats

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Residential & Commercial Expertise.

Being one of the region’s most respected flooring specialists, Exposed Flooring has a strong portfolio of residential and commercial customers. Our client’s cork floors may range from that of a humble bach kitchen to a specialist hazard-managed space for children or the elderly. Whatever your size of project, call the Exposed Flooring team for the very best in service and advice.

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